hottie in a sweater vest

….I’ve already administered the epidural, so… would you like one as well?

He’s that guy to the left of Will Ferrell or John C. Reilly becoming a character so effortlessly you forget he’s even standing there.  His smooth, disarming voice makes him both a believably boring accountant and a nervously unstable sex addict. His doctor lab coat fits him like a glove but then he says things like this…….



He is Chris Parnell, that hilarious guy in every great movie and TV show ever made. Practically.  His career is an elaborately weaved sweater vest of co-starring roles, cameos and insane reoccurring characters, holding up the laugh parachute so everyone else can run underneath.  But when does he graduate to a full-on leading man sweater?

I'm a cartoon guy!

I’m a cartoon guy!


Is it that he lacks the bland, fat charisma of,  say, Kevin James? The idiotic wasted potential of, say, Adam Sandler? The anatomical proximity to boob-joke material of,  say,  Amy Poehler? Isn’t there some Hollywood rule about logging enough hours as the accountant/neighbor/AA sponsor/dentist/base player/hockey coach/school principal/homeless guy/manager of a TGIFridays that you automatically get a coupon for a starring role?  Isn’t that why The Rock still exists?

I'm a backup singer guy!

I’m a backup singer guy!






Holding together the scenes with malleable fingers Parnell both fades into the landscape and steals the spotlight, and almost never gets credit for being a total hottie.  It’s unfortunate, but I guess non-stop Caitlyn Jenner coverage is more important.

he was the only one to not break during SNL's "More Cowbell" skit

a total pro, he never once grabbed christopher walken’s package during SNL’s “more cowbell” skit



secretly a babe

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